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SEO Analysis Report Free

How our FREE SEO analysis tool will help you…


On-page and off-page optimization

As you may already know, search engines look at on-page and off-page factors of a web page/web site to determine the ranking of the web pages/site in their results. Google is reported as using 100-200 such factors.


How our free SEO analysis tool will help your web site’s rankings

Our free SEO on-page analysis tool below will analyze 20+ such important on-page factors for any web pages of your web site.

As a result, you will be able to discover the on-page SEO condition of your important web pages, such as your homepage and fix any errors it has found. You can even use our tool to analyze the SEO condition of the home page of your competitor to see how they do things differently from you.

If our report found errors wlth your web site, then fixing them could increase your search engine rankings, and hence improve your free traffic from search engines.

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1. the code used to generate your FREE SEO report assumes that the web pages you want to analyze do not have certain HTML errors. Consequently, if you find that the report indicates SEO errors in a web page, the first thing you should then do is check that all the HTML code of that page is correct.

2. there are some web sites that will affect the way our SEO report is displayed. Usually, this is because the site contains some sort of tag problems eg. a tag not being closed properly. While such errors will affect this tool, rest assured that it does not affect the full report we offer on our homepage.