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Search engine submission,
why should I bother?


Do I really need to bother with submitting my site to search engines?

If your web site has not been indexed by search engines, then 'yes, you do need to bother!' If search engines don't know about your web site's existence, then you need to let them know. How else are they going to index your site and list it in their rankings?

To help you with the submission process, you can use the free tool below - it will let major search engines know about the existence of your web site.



Secret: here is a secret tip ... before submitting your web site to search engines, make sure that you have added proper robots.txt and sitemap.xml files to your site. This will help search engines properly index your whole web site.



SEO Analysis Report (picture)

If your web site is indexed by search engines but does not rank well , then re-submitting your site will achieve nothing. What you need to do is first look at whether your web site is properly optimized (on-page optimization) which includes having selected the right keywords to target with your web pages. If all is good at that level, then you need to work on your off-page optimization ie. backlinks.

If you are not sure about the on-page optimization condition of your site, feel free to use our free on-page optimization tool.

If you are after a full SEO Analysis Report of your web site, one that looks at 55+ important on-page SEO factors, then check out our SEO Analysis Report service.


How do I know?

If you want to know if Google has already indexed your web site, then type the following in the Google search box:

(for example,

If you get a page that displays a box at the very top of the page similar to the one below, then Google knows about your web site and re-submitting your web site will not help its rankings. See 'Warning' above!

click on box to see full size

You will notice that the box above includes information as to when Google last indexed your site.