Free Backlink Building Tool

Free Backlink Building Tool

Why you need this off-page optimization tool…


Why you need backlinks…

First of all, to define backlinks, backlinks are links on other web sites that point back to yours. Building backlinks is called off-page optimization.

Now, the reason why backlinks are important is that Google highly values backlinks. So much so that it is possible to be #1 on Google just using backlinks.

But, getting good quality backlinks can be a very difficult task as many factors go into what makes a backlink a valuable one.


Free backling building tool

The free backlink building tool below will help you build your backlinks by finding sites that have a theme similar to yours and that allow you to add a comment (and hence a link back to your site).

Backlinks from a site that has a theme similar to use is one factor that goes into making a backlink a quality backlink.

And if the backlink is on an .edu or .gov web site, then that is another very important backlink factor.


Backlink Building Tool

We recommend using this tool once a day to get 5-10 new backlinks
per day so as not to draw undue attention from Google.  


Instructions on how to use the FREE backlink building tool

1. in the KEYWORD text box, TYPE one of the keywords you are targeting with your web site,
2. select the type of web site you are looking for by clicking the FIND drop down box,
3. select the type of domain you want to target by clicking the drop down box with  COM (links on .edu and .gov are reported as having more value than on .com, .org or .net sites),
4. click on SEARCH,
5. a new web page will appear which is Google’s search results,
6. click on each site listed and see if you can add a comment on the page, along with a link back to your web site. Before you make a comment, make sure that you read the blog post/article first so as to make a valid comment. DO NOT make generic comments such as: ‘great article’, ‘great idea’ and so on … Show the owner of the web site respect by adding a comment that shows that you read his/her post/article.