Web Site Design and SEO Company

Based in Melbourne, Australia

Wondering Who We Are?

We are a small web site design and SEO company based in Melbourne Australia (voted as the best city to live in twice in recent years).

Relevant things about us you might like to know:

– we are widely read in matters of SEO as we regularly receive SEO newsletters in a bid to keep up to date with the latest information/news,

– our CEO regularly contribute to the forum www.seo-news.com where his ‘nickname’ is ‘smbotans’. We encourage you to search for his posts and replies so you can see for yourself the knowledge he has and his willingness to help others with SEO issues,

– we have done some SEO work for others such as: www.dlbs.co.ukwww.driver-som.co.ukwww.symtc.co.ukwww.gcsconveyancing.com.au

– we have done web site design work for others such as: www.handymanben.com.auwww.simply-flowers.co.ukwww.gcsconveyancing.com.auwww.woodysworldof.co.ukwww.afrotrends.com.auwww.sewingwithshirley.com.au,

– our CEO has written 3 excellent articles: “Is Something Missing From Your Keywords Research? (Part 1 and Part 2)”, “How To Make Your Backlinks Count I“. These 3 articles have been widely reproduced on the Internet.



Although all care has been taken to present you with SEO evaluation reports that are as accurate as possible, we will accept no responsibility for any errors they may contain. Nor will we accept any responsibility for how you choose to use the reports to improve the SEO condition of your site.


Terms of Service

We must point out that we do not refund any payments once we have begun to process your order. This means that, for example, if you order the 10-Pack and we have sent you 2 SEO evaluation reports, then we will not refund you the remaining unfilled reports.

Given that there is no time limit on the completion of your orders, we feel that it is improper for us to refund uncompleted orders.


Privacy Notice

We do not support spam of any sort, we never have and we never will. To that end, your order details (including your email address) will never be given away or sold to anyone and for any reason. That is a promise!


Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries, questions or concerns. We are here to help.

Serge M Botans
B.Sc.(Honours), M.Sc., Dip. Ed.